River Belle Casino

I like it when I call a casino that can actually help. However I'm not picky, I'd be ok if they'd just would answer a call, or return an email. Unfortunately River Belle Casino http://trustgamblers.org/reviews/river-belle-online-casino/ does not find it as important as I do.

                                This has been by far the cliche "worst casino experience ever!". These guys allowed me to deposit a load of money, yet I make my first pay out request for $1,900 on the 22nd of February I can't get anyone to respond. I've tried numerous times via phone, email, live chat,(which is a joke they just ask if they can help you then can't or just don,t) . 

I'm normally a patient guy, but I've been given the "document request" run around at a couple online casinos. So my first action after submitting documentations to go over everything I was to send in with a representative verify I had sent everything they would need, that I had sent it to the correct department. So when I sent my documents in on the 19th 20th (before my actual payout date) get no response by River Belle Casino, that was when I began to worry. 

I can not even begin to tell you guys how upset this has made me. I spent sooooo much money enjoyed the games they had. Then to finally cash out it be a decent amount I was so excited. Then to be completely ignored see my payout request sit there untouched just makes my stomach churn. 

The only option I saw when cashing out was via bank wire. However they take bitcoin. I don't understand why they didn't offer that up at the time of my cash out. To be honest with you guys I am beginning to feel this is not just a isolated problem. I think the business is shutting down they are just taking in the the most they can before they disappear. If I am wrong we work this out through AskGamblers, I will apologies for my assumption, but what other rational is there for a casino to ignore their patrons not get payout requests moving/finalized?

I truly hate to have to warn people about River Belle Casino in a review about not honoring payouts not answering phone calls E-mails. However I can do it with a good conscience, if I can keep 1 person from making my same mistake I did gaming at River Belle Casino. 

Thank you so much AskGamblers for the unbiased platform you give us. I just wish I had looked for you guys before I got into this read the multiple negative reviews about River Belle Casino.


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