Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Carpet Cleaner Deep Clean Portable Review

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This machine is truly a spot cleaner that is small and is easily transportable and quite easy to use and simple to handle and no assembly is needed. One can easily be convinced and proofs itself to be the best choice for cleaning the carpet and upholstery at priced reasonably. It achieves high marks for the portability and result in a powerful cleaning leaves the result that is just desirable and in only intended for small scaled clean ups but certainly not for cleaning the whole room. It is actually a spot cleaner. Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable is skilled one that eliminates and vanish heavy spots from carpets, stairs and upholstery.

Technical specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 14 x 14 inches; 17 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 16.3 pounds

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What are the features of Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable?

The aim: A skilled machine serves the purposes of removing the spots from the carpets, stairs, surfaces and upholstery and Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable has these capabilities.

The assembly of machine: It is not required to be assembled and basically comprises of certain elements which put altogether in order to achieve best output.

The hose: The cleaner including 5 flex hose that lend a hand to sparkling surfaces by removing the heavy spots and stains and arrive in the areas like stairs, rugs, carpets and upholstery as well.

The spectacular unit: This is the spectacular unit that also consists of 6 stair tool, 3 stain tools. Its box also carries 8Oz of cleansing formula. It has long, reachable power cable. And customers get it with 2 years of limited warranty.

Basic process: An expert machine serving as a spot cleaner for hard stains from various surfaces is the most commanding, manageable and moveable spot cleaner which don’t demand for its assembly. 6 inch stair tool needs to be connected to the end of the hose, fill the tanks, both for clean water and solution tank with deep cleansing formula given in the box.

Ready to operate: When electricity is applied and after turning it on, it is just ready for the operation and to clean the spots. It is used in the areas that are difficult to reach such as stairs, rugs, and interior for different households. It lets itself prepared and arranged with tools to clean each and every surface in a very effectual manner.

Set of brushes: It piece of work is really amazing. The 6″brush tool brings into play to clean the area rugs; stairs also utilize the 3 inch brush tool to clean bolshie spots.

Ease of use: It is powered machine that is reachable and portable where we are proficient to fill and emptying the tanks infrequently. This makes the process easy and friendly.

The suction: We are facilitated with powerful suction that lets us removing the stains and spots in a quick and proficient way. It is better than a rag and other cleaners. We are completed with the process; Spot Clean Pro is ready for the next time operation whenever untidiness occurs.

Comparison with other goods: It is distinct from sprays and foams; it eliminates the dirt from the roots forever and makes the surface stains and spots free. Stains can be seen with sprays but SpotClean make us ensure that they are gone permanently. Sprays don’t go to clean the surfaces of spots, but spot cleaners mingle hot water, cleaning formula, equal and strong suction to get deep in the precise spot position.


  • It has a small frame and convenient to take around
  • It is moved to the cars to clean the seats and the floor mats
  • It is good in removing pet stains and spills


  • It’s not that much convenient because of its compact size.
  • It cleans only small areas and intended to remove the spots only.

Who should buy Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable?

If somebody is searching for a machine that can be carried anywhere or that can go anywhere and remove stains than Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable is the best choice that will fulfill your needs. Its setup is very simple and gets itself ever ready whenever stain and spots happen.

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Areas become repeatedly spotty throughout the life of carpets. Hand scrubbing takes a lot of effort and is fruitless. With a machine like Bissell 3624 Professional Spot Cleaner Deep Clean Portable, people can remove tough spots without having any trouble. Users can simply renovate carpets by getting rid of the stains. This awesome machine simply brings new life to old furniture and their interior of the cars looking as good as new.

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