How to Use Carpet Cleaners – Learn in 10 Simple Steps

Carpets are an essential part of our homes and offices which should be cleaned on the regular basis. There are various systems to clean the carpets but Carpet cleaners are considered one of the most effective ways to thoroughly deep clean the carpets. They are serving their purpose of beautification, cleanliness, and the removal of stains, dirt, grit from the carpets and the surfaces, upholstery, stairs and more. They should be pleasing and potentially longer-lasting. The benefits of carpet cleaners are just great and applying carpet cleaners ensures you that your carpets remain free of dirt and allergic pollutants. Hence, today we shall learn how to use a carpet cleaner in simple steps that can be carried out by anyone easily.

How to Use a Carpet Cleaner

  1. The things to do before: Remove all the breakables and other items from the tables and all the furniture from the room and get ready to pick up the dust and dirt from hard to reach places. Before getting started with the carpet cleaner use a vacuum cleaner in order to pick up all the dirt and debris from all over the surface.
  2. Read the instructions: Read out all the instructions, carefully and thoroughly that came with your carpet cleaning machine. Also read the instructions for the cleaning solution you are going to use. All is written in the manual guide came with your cleaner. Strictly follow all the information and specifications. There are also considerable warnings for the children and the people having pets and the people having allergy issues.
  3. Detach the tank: You have to remove the reservoir that is meant to hold the liquid cleaning solution or the shampoo from the carpet cleaner and mix a particular quantity of cleaning solution and water and mix them in the tank. Preferably hot water should be added. For a full tank of water most machines need 1 cup of cleaner and that is considered to be a normal ratio.
  4. Reattach the tank: After the tank is being filled with hot water and cleaner reattach the plastic tank to the carpet cleaner and fix it. Position the bottom of the tank first and then tilt the tank up until it fixes and locks into its place.
  5. Plug on the machine: Turn on the power switch. Now the handle is needed to be activated that is usually located on the bottom right of the unit, so you have to step on its handle. To avoid the handle from falling on the floor you have to clutch the handle.
  6. Put on the button: Press the button located on the top of the machine that hoses the hot cleaning solution directly to the carpet.
  7. Press the trigger: Next step is to release the cleaning lever dispenser, then push carpet cleaner over the area that was just applied with cleaning solution.  The machine then slowly extracts as much dirt that is possible. The best results can be obtained by pulling the carpet cleaner toward you; it labors on extracting the solution and dirt from the area that is being processed. Slowly pull the back over the same path so that it could pick up much dirty water and the solution from the carpet. Continue cleaning until emptying the tank is required.
  8. Repeat the step: Now repeat the same procedure in the next area that is almost four by four sections of your carpet. Repeat the same steps until all the desired area is covered. When you find the tank running out of the solution, mix another tank only if required and detach the same way as described earlier
  9. Releasing and emptying the tank: Release the tank and pull it out of the base angle the tank to empty the water. If you are done with cleaning, rinse the tank and filter in hot tap water.
  10. Store the unit: Remember not to use any cleaner and chemical and make it dry before putting it into the unit for storage. Store the entire unit carefully.

When carrying out this routine, always remember

  • Keep the pets and children during the cleaning process and after for at least 6 hours
  • Vacuum the room again after 24 hours in order to loosen carpet fibers than replace the furniture
  • Avoid walking on the wet carpets and during the cleaning process.

The above steps give an idea of how to use a carpet cleaner. With a variety of carpet cleaner, each cleaner has its own specialties and features that may vary from type to type, but the above description will be helping you to get started with your carpet cleaner with its complete workout.